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Our Farm

Wheatgrass/Sprout Junkie ChickensOur 5 acre residential farm is located in Bokeelia, on the barrier island of Pine Island in Southwest FL.  We grow whatever we can 365 days a year with sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass, herbs, and gourmet lettuce greens available the majority of the time.  Our small groves of fruit trees, such as lychee, mango, avocado, starfruit, jak fruit, dragon fruit, canistel, black sapote, mulberry, and mamey sapote, provide us with fruit throughout the year.  We also raise cage free chickens (aka Sprout Junkies) who help with composting, tilling, pests, and fertilization.

Farm tours

are available for individuals, groups, and school children by appointment only on non-market days.  To help offset the time away from our daily routines a donation of $10/person is appreciated.  Our market schedule can be found here.  To read more about our farm, please visit Pine Island Botanicals.
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Rack of Soil Grown Fresh Wheatgrass Trays Soil Grown Pea Greens/Shoots Rack of Soil Grown Fresh Sunflower Greens

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