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Jar Sprouting

The Sprout Queen prefers sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, radish, and others in wide-mouth glass mason/canning jars.  This allows the jar to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and mild soap or peroxide.  It also allows light to reach all the seeds/sprouts inside thereby allowing the sprouts to develop more chlorophyll.  Plastic mesh and lids are used to cover the jars to allow for proper drainage and air flow.  They also reduce the possibility of rust particles from metal lids or mesh from getting caught in the sprouts as they grow and are rinsed.

These directions are based on a climate similar to southern Florida, warm and humid. For persons living in drier environments, one (1) additional rinsing per day (total of 3) is all that is needed.

Items Needed: Organic/Untreated Vegetable or Herb Seed, Purely Green 25% concentrate (* optional), Glass sprouting Jar (wide mouth mason jars highly recommended), dish/bowl or sprout jar stand that jar can be set at an angle to drain

. Harvest Time: 5-10 days (surrounding temperature and variety of seed will affect sprouting time)
  1. Start with 1 teaspoon (tsp) of dry seed for a pint (16 oz) jar, 2 tsp of seed for a quart (32 oz) jar or 1 Tablespoon of seed for a Ĺ gallon (64 oz) jar. Can increase amount of seed if mature sprouts donít fill jar.
  2. Pour seed into jar and fill with fresh, cool water until water is an inch or 2 above the seed. Some will float. Stir gently to hydrate all seeds.
  3. Let soak up to 12 hours - overnight the best.
  4. Drain and rinse. Do not put in direct sunlight or near something that emits heat like stove or refrigerator.
  5. DO NOT PUT in enclosed area such as oven or cupboard. Sprouts are often forgotten about or rot due to lack of fresh air
  6. Set jar at a angle, top/mesh side down to allow drainage and air flow. DO NOT set jar on lid to drain as no air can enter the jar.
  7. Rinse with fresh, cool water up to 3 times per day. If able, turn/roll jars to aerate seed/sprouts between rinsings.
  8. Some sprouts may be ready to eat In 5 days. Others take up to 10 days. Place jar in additional natural light once leaves develop to allow the sprouts to green up and increase chlorophyll content.
  9. To 'harvest', place sprouts in fine mesh colander for final rinse. Let drain well. Put in air tight container and refrigerate. Sprouts will keep for 7 to 10 days.
* Purely Green is an environmentally friendly plant based concentrated cleaning solution. Use 1 oz of the 25% Purely Green concentrate per gallon of water to initially soak seed only. We find it increases germination rate and reduces the growth of mold during the sprouting process.

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