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Effective April 2020: We are offering farm pick up of exact orders on Tuesdays between 12-1:30pm.   Additional days/farm stand are in the works.  Thank you for your patience as we all work thru these life changes!

The Sprout Queen is a division of Pine Island Botanicals located on a barrier island called Pine Island in Southwest Florida.  Since late 2009, the Sprout Queen has helped the lives of many by offering fresh, locally and naturally (organic) grown non-GMO sprouts, microgreens, and wheatgrass.  She differs from other growers by sharing nutritional knowledge and how easily one can grow in their own space - whether it be a home, a condo, or a boat.  To learn more about who the Sprout Queen is and how this all came to be, click here.

Over the course of the past few years, the Sprout Queen has gained the attention of not only the local press, (click here) but also the national press by appearing in an article in John Deere's December 2012 issue of 'The Furrow' (p 38-39).  It is quite flattering when a large farmer visiting from out of state is impressed with your quaint sprout business!

As you browse through the website, you will find: Don't hesitate to say hello whether it's at a local market, via email, or on Facebook!

Happy Sprouting!

Upcoming Events

No extra events scheduled at this time.  Please visit our Farmers Market page to find us each week.

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